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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I have FAR too much time on my hands (or not--which is worse)

So here I am once more. I'm thinking I will add another post to this site tonight primarily because I have 2 chapters of accounting to read for my class at 8:30 and I obviously need to do something to put that off as long as possible. So I've turned the audio player on random and as it plays "random" songs I will try to churn out some meaningful thoughts that MIGHT catch your fancy. Here we go...

Today as I sat in the library reading my Organizational Structure textbook I learnt that the company Johnson&Johnson (yes..the same folks who made the shampoo you used as a baby and who make those glade scented oils--the commercials of which I'm sure we're all sick of watching) is actually divided into 180 divisions!! Can you believe that?? Lemme write it out again...ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY divisions. If Johnson&Johnson is SO large I'm sure Pepsi, Coca Cola, and GE aren't too far behind (or maybe they're bigger...eeks). As I read that bit of information and comitted it to the memory bank God gave me I started thinking whether there were actually ANY countries with as many departments. Maybe the United States but I for one can't think of any other countries with that many departments...Ofcourse, I haven't conducted that kind of research(yet) so I could be wrong but I doubt I'd be too far off. Afterall isn't there some statistic that says that some of these large Multinationals (MNCs as they are more lovingly referred to in the business world) are larger than the economies of a lot of the developing countries in the world. Just imagine the extent of the exploitation that takes place on a daily basis in the underdeveloped countries where a lot of these MNCs operate and to where they outsource a huge chunk of their operations. The countries have no choice BUT to allow these companies to operate in their countries because their concern is with their populace being employed...Now, you're thinking "that's not so bad...symbiotic relationship". Alas, we forget what these organizations pay the people who work for them. While we in North America with our minimum wage laws (in Canada atleast) and benefit packages increase the expenses of these corporations they reduce their expenses and attempt to maximize their bottom line by operating in countries where they incur the least wage expenses. And they say its the end of imperialism...humph...i need proof!! Just got morphed in my opinion.

To those of you wondering...the "random" song that is playing as I end this blurb goes something like this:

"If I could then I would go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low...I'll go wherever you will go"
--The Calling (ofcourse)


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