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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Further Randomness

I sorta remember now what I had intended to write in my previous post. This by no means encompasses ALL of what I had thought of penning down but it is a start. I think I wanted to start off previously by talking about how much I enjoy (read love) being at York. There's always something happening...Never a dull moment. Like the anti-imperialism protest that took place last thursday. Very interesting. There were actual police choppers circling the main part of the campus and there was a riot that erupted inside the main Vari Hall rotunda between police and protestors. Protestors got beat up and arrested and what not. Now, the protestors claim that they had been observing peace while it was the cops who instigated the assault. Obviously, not something the university administration or the cops agree with...There is footage of the violence at the protest though. I'll post the link and you can judge for yourself who started the whole thing. Although when it was shown on campus by people supporting the cause of "free speech" on campus there were those who were very vocal about the fact that the footage was all B/S and it wasn't possible to tell who started it. A prof was quick to point out to these folks that there were people who specialized in determining who started what so that task should be left up to the experts....Here's the link for all interested parties: http://auto_sol.tao.ca

Other randomness I was going to discuss related to being sick of hearing about EYE-RACK...seriously...if its going to be in the news so much and people are going to discuss it as much as they currently are then they should realize that its pronounced EE-RAQ and not EYE-RACK...And oh do I dread the day when they start saying both EYE-RACK and EYE-RAN in the same sentence....I don't know if I'll be able to contain myself... Give the country SOME dignity. Atleast say its name properly. Think about how you would feel if someone constantly pronounced your name wrong...its pretty much the same thing. Anyways, I shall stop now since the battery on my laptop has all but died. No music today...


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