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Monday, January 31, 2005

Burn Marks and Stench

I officially admit to having a problem with stoves...I think I should permanently be kept away from electric stoves and kitchen objects that can burn without immediately flaming up. I think tonight the count of the things I've burnt has officially gone up to 4. Let me recount for all of you exactly what I've managed to burn in the past few years and how. "How" being more important--obviously!
So, Object numero UNO: My mom's nice, big, whistling kettle. I believe I burnt this during the fall exams in my second year. I put some water to boil and went and lay down on the couch figuring that when the kettle whistled I'd wake up and take it off the stove. Well, as luck would have it, I hadn't really put on the whistling thing on right so...yes, you guessed right...it didn't whistle and I woke up to the smell of burning fiber glass or whatever those kettles are made of and the sound of the smoke detector. Not good. And when I turned the stove off and tried to lift the kettle off the thing it wouldn't budge :S

Object Number 2: Yet another kettle...I hope you can notice the trend. Revolves around all-nighters and the need for caffeine. So, this time the kettle was much smaller and one of those glass ones with a plastic lid. This one was a little scarier than the other one. And I truly believe that if it hadn't been for my sixth sense yelling that trouble was literally "around the corner" I would've burnt the house down 'cause well...the water evaporated, and then the plastic lid melted and landed in the base of the kettle and eventually caught fire 'cause plastic tends to do that. So, when I got to the kitchen there were flames reaching to the exhaust and my first impulse was to douse the flames with water. Now, this would all be well and good if I had turned off the stove and if it hadn't been, as mentioned earlier, ELECTRIC. I hope you all know that you don't douse a heated electric coil with water 'cause I forgot all about it and did just that till my brother came racing up the stairs from the basement (at 3:00 in the morning), grabbed the flaming kettle and put it under running water in the sink and turned the stove off...SAVED!

Object Number 3 &4(today): Those lids my mom likes to cover the stoves with...yup, always so happens that I turn the wrong one on and then the food is cold and the lid on the stove behind the pan gets all charred and starts stinking of burnt paint and the like...Almost always happens when I try to warm something while I'm watching something on TV. *sigh*

So, yeah...after all the kettles I had burnt my mom finally gave up and got an electric kettle which thank God i can't burn...I just hope I don't end up burning down my house one day:S ...Now, that's a scary thought!


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